[Product Description]
Synthetic mohair wig for BJDs.
You can style this wig just by handling with your hand.
Since it is very thin, it is very appropriate for dolls.
Thin wig is more similar to natural hair and it is easy to style.
You can style or part hair with bare hand.
- It will be little bit small for BID and KID.
- If can be little bit tight. Please stretch it before put them on.
- It is made with elastic cap. Please put them on from front and pull the back until it fits.
- There probably might be a little color difference according to the environment of monitor.
- There is an individual difference in the wig.
- Please notice that the black wig changing color, so there is a possibility dying by black color.

* Size : 6-7 inch (PID,BID,KID) 
* It will take about 5~10 days to prepare.
* Please be aware that there could be some changes in the schedule. 
* If you order several items at once, they will be sent when every item is ready to be shipped.